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History on How Seat Belts Came to Be

History on How Seat Belts Came to Be

Our first instinct whenever we hop in our vehicles is to buckle up. But have you ever stopped to think, "When did people start doing this" and "Were seat belts always in cars". Today, we will answer those questions and do a deep dive into the history of how seat belts became a norm.    It all started in the late 1800s. The seat belt was first invented by an English engineer named George Cayley, but it was not intended for motor vehicles at the time. Alternatively, it was invented to assist stop pilots from falling out of their gliders. The first "seat belt," or lap belt intended for motor vehicle usage, wasn't patented until 1855 by American Edward J. Claghorn. He wanted to keep travelers safe, especially for those that depend on New York taxis. Unfortunately, seat belts weren't widely popular until the mid-1930s, when seat belts were tested for safety. After many tests and studies, doctors finally urged vehicle manufacturers into addin ... read more