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Do The Brake and Gas Pedal Need To Be Checked or Serviced?

Do The Brake and Gas Pedal Need To Be Checked or Serviced?

Suddenly you notice your brake pedal feels spongy, or your gas pedal seems to stick. It's moments like these that make you wonder: do the brake and gas pedals need to be checked or serviced? Let’s answer the questions together. Brake and Gas Pedals The brake pedal activates the brakes, slows down, or brings the vehicle to a complete stop, while the gas pedal controls the engine's throttle, determining how much power is delivered to the wheels. These pedals play a crucial role in maintaining control and ensuring safe driving conditions. Signs Your Pedals Need AttentionSpongy or soft brake pedal A spongy or soft brake pedal could indicate air in the brake lines, worn brake pads, or a potential brake fluid leak. This can compromise braking performance and safety, requiring immediate attention from a qualified mechanic. Sticking gas pedal If your gas pedal feels sticky or unresponsive, it could be du ... read more