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How Does Too Short Of Car Trips Affect My Vehicle

How Does Too Short Of Car Trips Affect My Vehicle

Most people seem not to notice that all of those short trips that we sometimes take can significantly impact your vehicle. Frequent short trips may be causing harm to both your engine oil and battery. If your lifestyle demands lots of short-distance drives, please learn how to care for your vehicle to prevent premature wear.   ENGINE OIL As most of us know, engine oil is typically a thick and viscous fluid. But as your engine heats up, the oil warms up, allowing it to flow smoothly and lubricate the engine's internal components. On a short drive, your motor may not reach its optimal temperature. This lack of heat can hinder your motor oil from lubricating your engine's components properly. Additionally, oil also requires heat to rid itself of contaminants such as condensation and other combustion byproducts. When your engine doesn't come to an optimal temperature, the build-up isn't cleaned out of the oil, compromising its reliability and performance. You shoul ... read more