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How Does Too Short Of Car Trips Affect My Vehicle

Most people seem not to notice that all of those short trips that we sometimes take can significantly impact your vehicle. Frequent short trips may be causing harm to both your engine oil and battery. If your lifestyle demands lots of short-distance drives, please learn how to care for your vehicle to prevent premature wear.



As most of us know, engine oil is typically a thick and viscous fluid. But as your engine heats up, the oil warms up, allowing it to flow smoothly and lubricate the engine's internal components.

On a short drive, your motor may not reach its optimal temperature. This lack of heat can hinder your motor oil from lubricating your engine's components properly. Additionally, oil also requires heat to rid itself of contaminants such as condensation and other combustion byproducts. When your engine doesn't come to an optimal temperature, the build-up isn't cleaned out of the oil, compromising its reliability and performance. You should ensure that your motor oil is still circulating like it should by avoiding frequent, short trips and having your oil changed on time. 



Starting your automobile also demands energy from your battery. Getting the engine started is the task that requires the most power from your car battery. As you ride around, the alternator recharges the battery, so it's ready for the next engine startup. However, if you're only taking short trips, your battery may not be getting the restoration it needs for next time. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce the life of your battery. Failure to start your car can be very annoying, especially if you are not away from home or without jumper cables.

You should beware of signs of a weak battery:

  • Your engine might be slow to crank.
  • Your headlights may be dim.
  • You may see a battery warning light on your dashboard.
  • You hear a clicking sound when turning your key.

Living close to the office and the stores is convenient, but all those short drives may be affecting your car more than you realize! You should be more cautious by going into Oswald Service Inc. for vehicle inspections. The inspection includes testing your battery and inspecting your oil's level and condition. If we notice any irregularities, our experienced team can replace a weak battery, change your oil, and repair any identifiable damages under your hood. Give us a call or stop by Oswald Service Inc. today!