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What is a Fuel Injection Service?

Your vehicle’s fuel system has the job of supplying fuel to the engine as well as storing fuel. With regular use of your vehicle, the fuel system will need to be cleaned along with a fuel injection service in order to ensure that your vehicle is working at its best and receiving the best fuel efficiency possible. Here at Oswald Service Inc. in Idaho Falls & Rexburg, ID, we can help with any of your fuel concerns and have the equipment necessary to perform a fuel injection service on your vehicle. 

The fuel injectors are subject to carbon buildup which can decrease their effectiveness when it comes to injecting the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. This can affect how your vehicle performs and the overall health of your engine. A fuel injection service will flush out all of this build-up and ensure the best possible fuel system performance.

Symptoms that can indicate your fuel system needs to be decarbonized and cleaned includes:

  • Idling
  • Accelerating roughly
  • Difficulty starting
  • Engine smoke
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Overall lack of performance

As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our shop uses the latest fuel injection decarbonization cleaning equipment that will get your fuel system back in shape. Professional fuel injection cleaning will also help you prevent fuel injector replacements. We will make sure that your fuel system is always clean and is up to date on regular maintenance.

If your vehicle needs a fuel injection cleaning, bring your car into the experts here at Oswald Service Inc in Idaho Falls & Rexburg, ID.