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What Causes a Car To Overheat?

An overheating vehicle is a reason to worry. Apart from making the ride uncomfortable, it could be a sign or a trigger to further vehicle damages. Imagine driving through the summer heat with absolutely no way to cool your temperatures. Such situations are dangerous for you and the passengers. An overheating vehicle means that the engine is running extremely hot. It threatens your safety, and there is a need to have the issue diagnosed by ASE certifies mechanics to determine the cause of the overheating.

Different factors might trigger the engine to overheat. They include;

A leak in the cooling system

A cooling system in the car is meant to keep the engine temperature down. Leaks, blockage of pumps, and other malfunctions in the colling system might affect the coolant's functioning. The coolant fails to circulate properly, causing overheating in the engine. When the coolant is leaking, it lowers the level of the antifreeze. Driving in low levels of antifreeze during cold seasons causes coolant system failure and consequent overheating on the vehicle.

Low motor oil

A car motor oil is essential for the lubrication of car components. However, it functions in removing excess heat from the engine. Driving on low oil might be a potential cause of an overheating engine.

Condensed Coolant

Condensed coolant is a common challenge, especially in extremely cold places. The freezing temperatures may concentrate the coolant resulting in a blockage. This interferes with the coolant systems' functioning and leads to engine overheating that might damage the radiator.

Malfunctioned radiator cooling fan

Sometimes the cooling fan might be damaged and fail to turn on to the right level. It might trigger car overheating, and having it checked might restore the condition. Since the radiator fan runs on electric motors, mechanical troubles might affect its functioning, causing it to fail in providing enough cool airflow.

Other reasons include malfunction thermostat

There are immediate solutions you can take when your engine overheats. You can

  • Pullover and park the vehicle
  • Turn off the AC
  • Open the car hood and allow heat to escape

An overheating engine might be a sign of a serious issue with the vehicle. Regular checks and maintenance allow timely diagnosis and repairs. For any engine repairs, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today. Our certified mechanics will fix each issue according to the manufacturer's recommendation and maintain the vehicle's optimum functionality.