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What Can Cause Poor Alignment?

Wheel alignment is not all about your wheels, but it has to do with your suspension and steering system too. When one or more of your wheels aren't able to drive straight, it can have a handful of negative consequences.

What Causes Poor Alignment

There are plenty of things that can pull your vehicle's wheels out of alignment. First and most popularly, the sudden or heavy impact can cause your wheel and suspension components to distort or shift out of place. Things like flying over potholes, bumping into curbs, or even getting into minor vehicle accidents are all widespread causes of wheel misalignment.

However, normal wear and tear can also cause your car, SUV, or truck to bump out of alignment. Over time, your shocks, springs, and other surrounding components will age, developing weakened points. As a result, your wheels may shift out of alignment. Lastly, your wheels may also shift out of alignment when you modify your vehicle's height.

Thankfully, regular maintenance can help our team detect early signs of this to make adjustments.

Side Effects of Driving with Poor Alignment

When your wheels are misaligned, your car will give you headaches with various problems. First, you will notice that your vehicle handling is off. When your wheels aren't lined straight, your automobile's ability to turn in both directions is almost disabled. It will become a struggle to drive in a straight path. Secondly, it will significantly reduce your tire's lifespan. 

When your wheels are misaligned, your tires will wear down unevenly and even quicker in some cases. For instance, your tires may have flat or bald spots or even suffer from a blowout. If you don't want to wear down your tires prematurely, you should keep up with your tire's alignment. 


If you're in need of a wheel or tire alignment, please bring your vehicle to the tire experts at Oswald Service Inc.