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Early Signs of Fuel Pump Failure

The fuel pump's primary purpose is to deliver fuel from the gas tank to the engine. When it fails, the engine cannot run, causing significant performance issues. While fuel pump failure is common in older vehicles, it is not easy to replace or repair. However, if you know the early signs of fuel pump failure, you can fix the issue before it worsens.

Here are some of the early signs and symptoms of fuel pump failure.

Engine Surges

When your fuel pump starts to wear out, the fuel lines in your pump become inconsistent. When this happens, you may fund your car suddenly accelerating for a few minutes, even without pressing on the gas pedal. This is known as engine surges, and it should alert you that your fuel pump needs to get replaced.

Difficulty Starting Your Vehicle

Fuel pumps run whenever you ignite your car's engine. With time, they wear out and weaken. It may still pump fuel to the engine, but at a slow rate, resulting in difficulty starting your vehicle due to lack of pressure. If you realize that you are having difficulty starting your car, you should ask your mechanic to check it.

Loss of Power While Under Pressure

If you are towing a load, climbing a hill, and realize that you cannot change gears easily, you may have a fuel pump failure. Fuel pump failure results in a loss of power since fuel does not get delivered with the required pressure. If you notice that your car cannot power when under pressure, it may be time to replace your fuel pump.

Whining Sounds From Your Fuel Tank

It is normal for old fuel pumps to produce whining sounds while running. But, if you notice that your fuel tank is making excessive loud whining sounds, there is a chance that your fuel pump has worn out. The whining sound could be due to a lack of enough fuel, contaminated fuel, or a damaged pump.

If you need fuel pump replacement, feel free to visit our auto repair shop today!