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Do’s & Dont’s: Road Tripping with Pets


We are big pet lovers at Oswald Service, Inc., which is why we want to share this list of Do’s and Don’t when traveling with your furry friends. 


Do: Secure them properly in your vehicle.

While it is best to get the most enjoyment out of your road trip, consider their danger if left unrestrained. Your animal could lean too far out the car window or perhaps even jump out! Oh-no! Sudden stops can also send your furry friend flying. There are multiple options to keep your pet(s) secure, such as bringing a kennel or doggie car seat. There are also special harnesses made that attach to your vehicle’s seat belt. 


Don’t: Assume you are prepared.

Undoubtedly, there are some things you will forget to pack for your pup. It always helps to make a list of items to pack in advance. Did you bring enough food? Water? Consider bringing toys to keep your pet entertained. Lastly, set aside some money for precautionary measures. 


Do: Plan for periodic stops.
Bring along a leash and some treats. Just like you, your cute companion will need to stop for the bathroom and to stretch.


Don’t: Feed your pet a big meal right before you leave.
It is better to give him or her a light meal a few hours in advance. Depending on the duration of the ride, feel free to provide them with yummy treats. 


Do: Have Fun!

They say the more - the merrier. Your trip will be much more fun when you include your furry friend(s). It will change the entire face of your trip for the better - so grab the leash, the camera, and make memories to last a lifetime.


Before you embark on your journey with your furry friend, make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition. Have the peace of mind your car is running at peak performance by getting it serviced through our team at Oswald Service, Inc.