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What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

When you are the owner of a motor vehicle, regular maintenance is a must. Sometimes, this maintenance includes a transmission rebuild. During the process of a transmission rebuild, it is imperative to establish what created the issue to begin with. A transmission diagnosis is the first step in the process. It lets the automotive technician know the problem at hand and how best to proceed. What is My Transmission's Job? Understanding the primary function of your transmission is an important thing every driver must know. The job of your transmission is to ensure the vehicle has enough power to move at an efficient speed. A manual transmission operates when you are shifting gears; while automatic transmissions do the shifting for you. What does the Transmission Rebuild Process Entail? The process of transmission rebuild includes the following steps: Taking the transmission out of the vehicle so it can be dismantled. Next, the parts of the transmission are clean ... read more