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Are My Wheels Pointing the Right Way?

Are My Wheels Pointing the Right Way?

Many internal systems within your car work concurrently to keep it driving straight. However, factors like your external environment and driving habits may impact your wheels and knock them out of alignment. For instance, if you just went flying over a speed bump or hit a curb roughly, the wheels will become lopsided. And as a result, you may experience problems trying to maneuver your car. If you choose to ignore this problem, you may notice a significant blow to your car's performance and even a loss in fuel economy. Here are some of the telltale signs that you need a wheel alignment ASAP: Off Steering Wheel - An off-center steering wheel is a widespread symptom of misaligned wheels. If you feel like you have to grip the steering wheel super tight to go straight, please have your car inspected immediately. Vibrations - Misaligned wheels will sometimes be linked to strained tires. As a result, they will drag and cause your car to vibrate. Uneven Tire Wear - If you inspect your ... read more