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What is a Brake Fluid Flush?

What is a Brake Fluid Flush?

Thinking about what maintenance your vehicle's brakes need, you probably immediately think of brake pads. These are components that need to be replaced periodically because they tend to wear down quickly over time. Being familiar with brake pad replacement is great - but are you familiar with brake fluid flush? It's another highly important service that ensures your brakes work at their best. So, what exactly is brake fluid? Your vehicle's brake system is a hydraulic system, which means that it utilizes fluid in a highly pressurized system in order to create the force that is needed to slow or stop your car. The brake fluid is an integral part of this system and without it, your vehicle's brakes wouldn't work. You may be wondering, does the brake fluid need to be serviced or replaced? The answer is yes! Most vehicle manufacturers will recommend a brake fluid flush at least once in your vehicle's lifetime, but having it inspected regularly is also key. This wil ... read more