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Poor Driving Habits to Avoid

Poor Driving Habits to Avoid

As you know, preventative maintenance can help slow down the wear and tear of your vehicle. While maintenance is an excellent habit to get into, the way you drive your car can completely negate it and cause premature wear and damage. So are you rough on your car? Let’s find out how these habits can cause extensive repairs: Habit 1: Letting gas levels drop too low or run out completely Some people hate the act of filling up, while others just don’t want to fork out money at the pump. So, they wait until the fuel light comes on. Or even worse, it always gets too late, and they end up stranded. It can end poorly for your vehicle’s fuel system because the bottom of your fuel tank is not the cleanest. It has sediments that can end up in the engine and hurt its components if you run your fuel too low (all the time). Habit 2: Harsh Acceleration and Braking Unless you’re a professional race car driver, you shouldn’t have sudden speed changes. Rapid accelerati ... read more