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Happy Thanksgiving from Oswald Service Inc!

Happy Thanksgiving from Oswald Service Inc!

Happy Thanksgiving from our team at Oswald Service Inc! We hope you'll have a wonderful holiday experience with friends and family. With all the holidays coming up, it means there's going to be lots of travel. It can get crowded, and it can get wet or icy out there! If you plan on heading out of town in the next several weeks, we recommend that you check off some vital travel measures before hitting the busy roads.  Be sure to have your vehicle inspected by professionals - Our service team at Oswald Service Inc. can help prep your car before traveling this holiday. You definitely don't want to be held back in a situation without a working vehicle! Getting a pre-trip check-up will guarantee that your car is ready to take on any fall/winter challenges that may come your way. And it will keep you and your family safe! Pack for the weather - It's going to get cold out there, so make sure you pack blankets, coats, socks, etc., to keep you warm wherever you go. Prep a ... read more