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We are Open and Ready to Serve you During COVID-19 Shutdowns

We are Open and Ready to Serve you During COVID-19 Shutdowns

At Oswald Service Inc, we understand that during this time of uncertainty and worry, our community will be relying on their vehicles more than ever. Whether you work in the healthcare or law enforcement fields or just need to get to the store to retrieve food and supplies for your family, you need a reliable vehicle. At our Rexburg and Idaho Falls shops, we are available to help you with your vehicle's needs during this time.  To ensure the safety of both our staff members and our customers, we are closely following announcements made by our government and the CDC to adjust our service and procedures to abide by regulations. To honor the national mandate to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are encouraging our customers to take advantage of our interaction-free drop off appointments.  We have a key drop off box for you to leave your keys and appointment information in to avoid direct communication or entering our lobby. We can give you a c ... read more

Why are my Tires Wearing Unevenly?

You take a look at your tires and notice that some areas look bald, while other areas look like they have a lot of tread. Maybe it is only happening to one tire, maybe to a couple - but you wonder, why are my tires wearing unevenly? It definitely can be a cause for concern, especially when one tire looks like it may need to be replaced soon just because of the uneven wear. Typically though, with proper tire balancing and tire rotation, your tires should wear evenly and at the same time. So why are your tires wearing down unevenly now? Lets look at some reasons why.  Over time, tires do wear down naturally and will need to be replaced. But when they are wearing unevenly, that is an indication that something is wrong and causing them to wear down like that. Here are some of the most common causes for uneven tire wear:  Your wheel alignment is off, usually causing uneven tire wear to the inside of your vehicle's tire The tires haven't been balanced or rotated recently ... read more