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Protect Your Vehicle's Battery From Heat Damage

Protect Your Vehicle's Battery From Heat Damage

If the Idaho heat is getting to you, it is likely affecting your car too. Counter to public knowledge, the hot summer temperatures have a more dangerous impact on your vehicle's battery than the freezing temperatures of winter. To truly understand the damage of overheating your battery, you first need to know how it functions within your car.    What Does Your Car Battery Do? Your car's battery is an electrochemical device made out of electrodes that store an electrical charge. The battery is encased with sulfuric acid, and chemical reactions occur within the battery case to create electricity flowing throughout the car. In other words, it creates a current that is needed to start your car and power up the electrical features of your vehicle (radio, lights, seating adjustments, etc.).   How Does Heat Affect the Battery? Heat can have numerous adverse effects on your battery. Whenever your car is exposed to temperatures higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it ... read more