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Does My Car Need a Lube Job?

Does My Car Need a Lube Job?

When it comes to metal vehicle components, lubrication is vital. Many parts that are a part of metal-to-metal contact need to be lubed in order to move and work properly. Today's vehicles actually come with a number of parts which are considered to be "lubed for life", which include components such as ball joints, tire rod ends, and U-joints. This just means that not all vehicles need these certain parts to be lubed often, however, chassis lubrication can still be needed or recommended.  Your vehicle's frame is referred to as the chassis. This chassis is what supports the weights of your vehicle and acts as a housing for your car's systems. With older vehicles, it was highly recommended to lubricate the grease fittings of the chassis periodically to prevent part damage and corrosion. However, today's vehicles don't necessarily require lube services, either due to the way that the parts are sealed or due to the "lubed for life" parts.  ... read more