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How Often Should I Change The Cabin Air Filter in My Car?

How Often Should I Change The Cabin Air Filter in My Car?

Careful drivers who like to maintain a strict vehicle maintenance schedule may be curious about how often they should be changing the cabin air filter. Most car manufacturers recommend that you swap it out around every 15,000 miles. Whether you do it yourself or decide to bring it to Oswald Service Inc., we can get you started on your maintenance needs at your convenience. What Does the Cabin Air Filter Do The outside air moves through your car's heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system as you drive. As a result, it's likely to drag in pollen and other pollutants from the outside air. The cabin air filter plays the role of collecting and preventing these small particles from escaping into your vehicle. A dirty filter will reduce airflow with your climate control system and sometimes cause a lingering odor and dusty environment. How to Change Your Cabin Air Filter Changing a cabin air filter is inexpensive and straightforward. Here's how: Refer to your car ... read more