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What are the different types of fluid leaks?

What are the different types of fluid leaks?

After starting your car and backing out of your parking space one day, you might notice a strange puddle left behind by your vehicle and wonder what it is. There are a lot of different types of fluids that your vehicle can leak, each meaning something different. Thankfully, these fluids are easy to identify by color. Leaking Power Steering Fluid Puddles of power steering fluid typically look and smell similar to the reddish transmission fluid, and characteristically leak from manual cars with power steering because of failing gaskets or joints. These leaks typically originate from the engine bay, and is accompanied by a symptomatic difficulty in steering the vehicle. Leaking Oil A black puddle or stain is typically an oil leak. These leaks usually happen around the oil pan or gaskets of the engine, and tend to be small and localized occurrences. They are typically the result of a failed gasket, which would need replaced quickly. Other common causes can include a crack in the oil dr ... read more