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5 Signs Your Cooling System Is In Trouble

Your car's cooling system is essential for keeping the engine running at a safe temperature. Being able to recognize the signs of a cooling system problem is something every car owner needs to know.

This article will discuss five leading signs that your cooling system needs attention.

What is a cooling system?

A cooling system is a network of components in your car working together to enable coolant fluid flow. The coolant fluid regulates the engine's temperature and car system. The cooling system ensures that operating engine temperatures do not rise above the melting point of the metal.

The cooling system comprises the radiator, fans, water pump, thermostat, engine block, and cylinder head gasket.

Awareness of signs of a faulty cooling system is the first step in diagnosing your vehicle.

Signs your Cooling system is in trouble.

Keep an eye out for these signs in your cooling system

High Reading on the Temperature gauge

Engine overheating is the most common sign of a faulty cooling system.

If you notice the temperature gauge on your dashboard moving into the hot zone while driving,this indicates that the engine is running more alluring than the ideal temperature.

Coolant leaks

An external coolant leak is visible by close inspection as the coolant leaks often signaled by a puddle of bright green or orange sweet-smelling liquid from under the vehicle.

An internal coolant leak allows coolant to drain into the oil system caused by a blown head gasket or a cracked engine block, often signaled by an increase in the oil level on the dipstick.

Smoke from under the hood

White smoke exiting under your hood indicates a drop in fluid pressure due to a coolant leak.Although the white steam could also be water vapor from the air conditioning system, it's still best to have it checked by your local auto repair shop.

White Exhaust smoke

White puffy smoke emits when the coolant seeps into the combustion chamber and burns along with the fuel.

Clogged radiator

A clogged radiator will restrict the flow of coolant and airflow, resulting in overheating.Check the radiator for signs of blockage and have it cleaned as soon as possible.

Diagnosing coolant system problems

Regular coolant flushes and changes are essential to improve your cooling system.Coolant flushes involve professionally draining the old coolant and adding new coolant to the system.

A well-equipped auto repair shop will help look out for leaks in the cooling system and test its components.

If you need cooling system repair,we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today.