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Rexburg and Idaho Falls Transmission Services

From manual to automatic transmission repair, Oswald Service and Repair knows how to fix the problem. We know that transmission repairs can be overwhelming, which is why our ASE certified professionals work hard to properly diagnose any transmission issues and assist you in making a decision that works best for you and your budget. Leave the dirty work to us! 

Our competitively priced transmission services include: 

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission makes driving much easier and automated than a manual transmission. The automatic transmission shifts gears itself while driving based on your vehicle’s speed and load. The typical automatic transmission will have between 4-5 forward gear ratios including a Reverse, Park, and Neutral gear. Unlike a manual transmission, there is no need for a clutch or gear shifter in an automatic transmission vehicle. Automatic transmission repair is very complex and does require certified experts to properly repair and service. Call 208-522-1566 in Idaho Falls or 208-356-7777 in Rexburg to talk to the mechanics of Oswald Service and Repair about your transmission problems.


Both automatic and manual transmissions will use clutches in order to switch gears when needed. The job of the clutch is to engage and disengage from the flywheel and also to transfer the torque through the transmission. Since the clutch works hard every time you drive your vehicle, it can eventually wear down and fail over time. If your clutch begins slipping irregularly or is making noises that are raising suspicion, contact Murrieta Tire and Auto to see if clutch replacement is necessary.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

A four wheel or 4x4 drive transmission is more complex than your standard transmission. A 4x4 wheel drive vehicle has differentials, front and rear axles, and a transfer case that is secured to your vehicle’s transmission. All of these different components will require regular maintenance and service. The ASE certified technicians at Oswald Service can help with all of your four-wheel drive transmission needs. 

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

If you own a front wheel drive vehicle, this means that your vehicle’s engine only drives the front wheels. Power is transferred through the transmission and is then split evenly to the two front wheels in order to power the drive axles. All of these components are located at the front of your vehicle. If you are in need, Oswald Service and Repair will gladly repair front-wheel drive transmission vehicles.

Manual Transmission

If your vehicle has a manual transmission, then it will require that you use a clutch pedal and a gear shift in order to allow your transmission to manually switch gears based off of the speed that you are traveling at. The amount of gears can differ depending on the make and model of your vehicle but is typically between two to eight gears. The two set-ups for manual transmissions are either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Manual transmissions will usually require less maintenance than automatic but are subject to clutch and gear issues more often. At Oswald Service and Repair, our auto mechanics can diagnose your vehicle and then recommend the transmission repair or transmission service you need to ensure safety and improve the lifetime of your vehicle.

Transfer Cases

The transfer case is a component of a 4x4 wheel drive system and all wheel drive cars. The transfer case gets power from your vehicle’s transmission and then sends this power to the front and rear axles of your car. Most modern transfer cases work by chains rather than older models which used gears. The transfer case is connected to the transmission and also to the front and rear axles by means of drive shafts. Trust the automotive experts at Oswald Service and Repair for all your transmission repairs. 

Service, Diagnose and Repair

Transmission repair is not something to take lightly. Your vehicle’s transmission is at the center of many other components and the transmission helps to power and ensure that all these other systems run smoothly. Transmissions need to be inspected and serviced regularly in order to keep your vehicle running well. Some typical transmission maintenance items including replacing filters, draining fluids, and more. If you’re experiencing problems with your transmission slipping, stalling, trouble shifting gears, or notice transmission fluid leaking - there may be an issue with your transmission. If you are concerned that you may need transmission repair, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment at Oswald Service and Repair today.


The transmission is also known as a gearbox, because it uses a set of gears and gear trains to transfer torque and speed from a power source to a working system. In the instance that your transmission fails, you have a couple of different options depending on the extent of the damage. Transmissions can be replaced, rebuilt, or repaired. For more information contact Oswald Service and Repair. The ASE certified technicians at our shop can help you weigh your transmission repair or replacement options to choose the best option for your needs.