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Rexburg and Idaho Falls Engine Maintenance

Regular engine maintenance is very important when it comes to make sure that your engine lasts and runs smoothly throughout the years. It will also help you save money over time by avoiding major engine problems. Trust the experts at Oswald Service and Repair to help you protect your investment. Call us at 28-522-1566 in Idaho Falls or 208-356-7777 in Rexburg or visit one of our shops in Idaho Falls or Rexburg.

Some of the engine maintenance and services that we offer include: 

Fuel Injection

The fuel injection system has the important job of injecting fuel into the engine. This is the system that has completely replaced the carburetor which was used in vehicles before the 1990s. The fuel injector will pump fuel through a very small nozzle under very high pressure. If the fuel injection system fails, your vehicle will perform poorly and your engine will most likely be damaged. You can avoid this by making sure your fuel injection system is regularly serviced and cleaned of carbon deposits. For all your fuel injection maintenance and replacement needs, call 208-522-1566 in Idaho Falls or 208-356-7777 in Rexburg or visit Oswald Service and Repair today.


The job of the ignition system is to use an electrica park in order to ignite the correct mixture of air and fuel into a gas engine. When the ignition system works properly, your engine will start up without problem and will perform at its best. For all your ignition system maintenance and replacement needs, call or visit Oswald Service and Repair today.

Ignition Wires & Cables

Ignition cables are also known as spark plug wires which play a vital part in the ignition system. The job of the ignition wires is to transfer spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in order to ignite the correct mixture of air and fuel. With regular use of your vehicle, the ignition wires and cables will wear down and can fail. If this happens, the engine will misfire because no spark is reaching the engine cylinders. The car will eventually fail to start or will run very poorly. 

If you have faulty ignition wires or cables, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms: 

  • Engine misfiring
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Check engine light has turned on
  • Vibrating engine

If your car needs new ignition cables and wires, call or visit Oswald Service and Repair. Our ASE certified technicians will change your ignition wires and cables and get you back on the road with a properly functioning vehicle. 

Spark Plugs

The job of the spark plugs is to transfer electric current to the combustion chamber from the ignition system. Spark plugs tend to wear down over time and need to be replaced periodically. Bad spark plugs will typically cause issues with starting your vehicle. At Oswald Service and Repair, we have automotive experts who will check and replace your spark plugs. For all your spark plug repair or replacement needs, call 208-522-1566 in Idaho Falls or 208-356-7777 in Rexburg or visit Oswald Service and Repair today.

Oil, Lube, and Filter

Your vehicle runs on a number of different fluids and filters to ensure proper functioning of vital components. Engine oil will not only protect the engine from overheating and heat damage, but also helps keep it clean but removing dirt and grime. With time, motor oil becomes contaminated. A lube, oil, and filter service is typically recommended every 3 months, however some newer vehicles only require an oil change every 6 months. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will indicate the proper frequency of oil changes for your car. When it is time for a lube, oil, or filter change, take your vehicle to Oswald Service and Repair.

Check Engine Light

We understand that it can be scary seeing your vehicle’s check engine light come on. It’s impossible to know the extent of the issue without having an expert take a look at your vehicle and perform professional computer diagnostics. At Oswald Service and Repair, we can pull the code and diagnose the problem for you. Give us a call at 208-522-1566 in Idaho Falls or 208-356-7777 in Rexburg or stop by one of our shops for our expert assistance.