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Rexburg and Idaho Falls Auto Computer Repair

Our vehicles run on very complex computer systems which work to ensure that our driving experience is accurate and pleasant. It can also detect when there is an issue inside of your vehicle and warn you of the problem. Come to Oswald Service and Repair to ensure your vehicle is in top driving condition.

Our electronic services include: 


Mechanics at Oswald Service and Repair are able to diagnose all the electronic parts in your car. For expert diagnostics services on your car's electronic devices, visit Oswald Service and Repair today.

Check Engine Light

We understand that the check engine light coming on is stressful. A check engine light can point to many different issues, which is why computer diagnostics are needed to understand the true reason behind the problem. At Oswald Service, we can pull the code and diagnose the problem for you. Give us a call at 208-522-1566 in Idaho Falls or 208-356-7777 in Rexburg or stop by one of our shops for our expert assistance.


Your vehicle will have at least one complex computer that is connected to sensors throughout your car’s vital systems. This computer will help monitor the condition of these important components to ensure they are working properly, such as the engine and transmission. The computer receives input information from different sensors. The computer also controls a number of other parts including the  fuel injectors, spark plugs, and idle speed. A malfunctioning computer can mess up your controls and limit your vehicle’s performance. We recommend regular vehicle inspections to catch any issues early on. If it is already failing, have it repaired or replaced. To have your car's computer handled by experts, visit Oswald Service and Repair today.


The drivability of a car refers to how it performs and drives overall, from control to safety and everything in between. Most newer vehicles have on-board computers which are connected to various sensors throughout your car that can detect when issues occur. A drivability issue can appear as a warning light on your dashboard if your car’s computer sensors an issue. To have your car diagnosed for drivability issues, visit Oswald Service and Repair today. At Oswald Service and Repair, we have the necessary tools, training, and technology to diagnose and address your car's drivability issues.

Engine Controls

The engine control system of your vehicle is basically an on-board computer which helps to monitor your car’s performance. Just like the computer you use at home, your car’s computer also runs on hardware and software. These control systems will ensure that your vehicle is getting the best fuel efficiency and performing at its best. When these engine controls are working properly, you’ll get the best gas mileage from your vehicle. To check if your car's engine controls are working properly, call Oswald Service and Repair today.